Ivana Novotná-JedličkaIvana Novotná-Jedlička
The IVN fashion studio of Ivana Novotná-Jedlička fashion designer was incorporated in Karlovy Vary in 1992. 
“I always liked fashion that resisted to time, put emphasis on each detail, stitching, hole, button… cut everything not needed and to bring each model to absolute perfection…”
Ivana gained her first fashion designer practice in post-socialistic Triola enterprise as ready-to-wear apparel designer for women, which gave her great foundations in the dressmaking cut experience as well as knowledge of material. 
Soon, she opened the first studio in Karlovy Vary and started building of her IVN brand.
Fresh artistic signature of the IVN fashion includes fine non-obtrusive details, simplifier dressmaking cut, and soften colours. They are not striking fashion fads and the trends, if any, are adapted with respect to current colours or dressmaking-cut line, however, to a restricted extent only. “I design typical feminine fashion for individual women who do not want to follow the herd. I don’t like designing of meaningless fashion creations, doing apparel for apparel; they are meaningful only if somebody dresses them and feels freely, sexy and wonderfully.”
She draws inspiration from exhibitions of contemporary art, design or architecture. “However, I am most amused with observing people in the streets, feeling the town, its mood and a complete collection may be created out of it,” says Ivana. The IVN brand offers also jewels, accessories such as collar studs, ties or tiepins.

Módní přehlídka IVN
“Simplicity, purity of the dressmaking cut, quality material, light elegance and feminineness. The fashion that underlines natural beauty of women and keeps it original. No uniformity!” This is how the IVN brand fashion can be characterized briefly.
An important part of the IVN studio is image production for hotel management and staff under INVprofi brand. “The uniforms for hotels are a challenge for me, here, I must respect style and atmosphere of the hotel as well as intentions of the architect,” adds Ivana. “Each hotel, coffee bar and even a bar have its unmistakable atmosphere! I am trying to complete, underline, reflect it in work clothes…”
Motto of the fashion designer:
“I want my fashion contains a piece of sensuality, desire, dignity, pleasure and purity. For a woman to say to the surrounding world what does she want through it.”